Hemp CBD Salve – Massage the Life Back into Your Tired Muscles and Keep Your Skin Young & Healthy


Are sore muscles and achy joints keeping you from doing your favorite outdoor activities? Don’t settle – fight the pain with our hemp CBD salve… and win! After just a few treatments, you will feel the tension and the aches drain from your muscles, and your healthy and nourished skin will thank you.


  • Full-spectrum CBD salve – take advantage of the healing power of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids working together to take away your pain and provide much-needed comfort to your tired muscles. The Entourage Effect here is real and helps to revitalize and energize your entire organism (THC level is below 0.3%).
  • Nourishes the skin & keeps it young – CBD nourishes the skin, keeping it young and healthy. It also treats skin blemishes, old scars, and other irregularities. For an even stronger skin boost, we’ve added olive, rosemary, and sunflower oils and beeswax.
  • Perfect for medical massages & therapies – our CBD salve is a great addition to your muscle care regime, and professional massage therapists (and their customers) swear by it.
  • All active ingredients – the only way to keep all hemp ingredients active and helpful is to take great care when extracting them. That’s why we use the cleanest, safest, and best extraction method available – CO2 extraction. 


Tested by an independent, accredited laboratory Click here

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