CBD Hemp Flower – Sticky & Fragrant Trim Packed with Trichomes and Ideal for Vaporizers


Relax and unwind with our selection of CBD hemp flower strains that are sparkling with trichomes and loaded with flavor. Choose a strain to fall in love with (citrusy, fruity, earthy, or pine tones), load up your vaporizer (or your rolling paper), and feel your worries melt away!
  • High CBD potency – these strains have between 18% and 20% of hemp-derived CBD, which makes them super potent and more than capable of handling your daily CBD needs. 
  • Full-spectrum blends – enjoy the Entourage Effect with all of our CBD hemp flower strains. Why? Because we keep in all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that bring you max health benefits (but you won’t get “high” because the THC content is below 0.3%).
  • Several flavors to choose from – pick the strain that you will enjoy and combine pleasure with healing from within. Or are you a citrus person? Or are you more into earthy notes? Take your pick!
  • Grown in the US – all our CBD hemp flowers are grown in the US, on state-licensed farms. Order with confidence because this remedy is perfectly legal in all 50 states.


Tested by an independent, accredited laboratory


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  • Rich and potent CBD hemp flower with ZERO THC (does not cause a “buzz” or a “high” – safe for work). Hemp is not marijuana.

  • Ideal for dry herb vaporizers but it can also be smoked.

  • Packed in 3.5 (1oz) odorless baggies. Information about the strain is printed on the packaging.

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Weight1 oz

Suver Haze – 18%, Bubba Kush – 13%, CBG – 8% CBG, Lifter – 16%, Sour Space Candy – 20%, Remedy Kief Flower- 19%, Frosted Lime Kief Flower – 19%