We’re all familiar with the sweet smell of weed, it’s part and parcel of the experience after all! A good smoke comes with the aroma that is the tell-tale sign, but what about when you vape it? With cannabis now legal for recreational use in many states and decriminalized in others, it’s become big business to grow and sell cannabis and products such as CBD that are derived from the plant, and the vaping industry is rapidly expanding.
The problem is you may not want everyone to know what you’re vaping, so as we know it smells when smoked, it follows it will do so when vaped. Below we look at the smell problem in dab pens, oil pens, and vaporizers, and then we’ll give you some advice on how to minimize the odor let’s start with the dab pen, which is among the most popular of all vaping devices on the market.

Dab Pens and Smell
Dab pens are perhaps the best way to get your weed hit. Convenient, easy to use, and affordable, there’s a great selection at Vape4Ever which is established as one of the leading names in the vape kit online market. Does a dab pen smell? Yes, it does as do all methods of vaping cannabis, but this one is not as bad as some.
As dabs use wax it depends on the type of wax you use as to the smell you get. Your retailer will be able to advise you on the least potent. However, the very nature of the dab pen means it is far less likely to emit a lingering smell, and more so a faint and not unpleasant sweet odor.
Additional smells will come from the coil heating up, and the after-effects of the vapor that is emitted, but it still won’t be as strong as, for example, vaping dry weed. If you happen to be using a dab rig rather than a pen, then the smell is going to be exaggerated thanks to the greater cloud and also the gas for the burner.
Oil Pens and Smell
There will be a difference in smell depending upon the type and strength of the cannabis you are vaping, and when it comes to vaping cannabis oil this is one of the least odorous of all methods. The oil pen is a popular choice with cannabis smokers and is instrumental in why stocks in cannabis companies rise in value continually, and as it is used in just short inhalations, the smell will not be a lingering one. Most other items that have their own smell will over-ride that of an oil pen, so you can use this quite discreetly.

Vaporizers and Smell
Now to the vaporizer, which comes in many forms and is very popular for vaping cannabis. A vaporizer works by heating to a certain temperature at which point it vaporizes the cannabis in the unit. This is the point at which the smell will pervade. It will also linger – especially if you are using a bigger type of device – and you will need to open a window or two to get rid of the smell. This is not the device to be used if you don’t want to get found out!
So, we’ve gathered that while not overtly noticeable, all types of devices create a smell hen vaping cannabis. Of course, anyone who has broken open a block will have been expecting this! How do you go about preventing the smell? It’s impossible to have no odor at all, so let’s talk about methods of minimizing that tell-tale sweet aroma.

How to Minimize the Smell
Any seasoned cannabis smoker turned vaper will know to expect the smell that goes with it, but sometimes it can be prudent to keep it to a minimum. As vaping is more popular than ever so it tends to irritate those who don’t partake, and we can all do our bit to show a bit of courtesy to others. You might also want to vape without others knowing, in which case choosing your time and place – and knowing how to minimize the smell – can be very welcome. Here are some tips we have come across that might help:
Follow the Maintenance and Cleaning Instructions – a clean vaporizer will be the one that emits the least smell. If vaping wax, for example, it will leave a residue that can cause additional smells when heating up, especially if it is on the heating element. Give it a quick clean every now and then, that’s all it takes, and you’ll also extend its lifespan.

Keep Bud Covered – a tip for between vapes is if you are vaping bud, keep it in a jar or tin as it will smell natural. This is one that cannabis users of old will be well aware of.
Fans and Ventilation – if smoking in the home fit windows fans, open windows, or smoke where there is plenty of ventilation. If at work or in public places, choose outdoor sheltered spots or places where you are near to vents or windows – it’s only polite after all!
The Bag of Popcorn Trick – you won’t realize how odorous popcorn is until you open a bag to mask the smell of cannabis! As vaping does not give off as much smell as smoking this method really does work unless there’s an entire room of you vaping at the same time!
Make or Buy a ‘Spoofer’ – a few sheets of fabric softener in a cardboard roll makes a ‘spoofer’; exhale through this and you mask the smell. Some innovative manufacturers are actually making these now, so check them out.

Put simply, weed will smell no matter how you vape it, but vaping results in far less of a smell than smoking did. If you follow the above advice and keep your equipment clean and well-maintained, you’ll find it easy to minimize the smell, and remember to think of others who might not want to join in your vaping!