Knowing the right CBD dose to take is one of the major challenges of the cannabis industry. This is because we respond to the chemicals differently. The recent happenings around overdosing with THC-rich edibles have raised a lot of concerns about CBD’s safety level. Since people who overdose on THC-rich edibles end up in the Emergency Room, CBD users are quite concerned about CBD producing the same effect since both chemicals come from the same cannabis or hemp plant.

In most cases, questions like can I overdose on CBD, can I get high taking CBD, what is the best CBD dose for me? And many more have been circulating the internet. This article will try to answer these questions.

We need to understand that although our CBD sensitivity differs, we don’t get high on CBD or overdose on it. Information from research has shown that humans can handle as high as 1000 mg of CBD per day without life-threatening side effects. Even with this assurance, it is important to identify the best CBD dosage for your body type since taking too much does not guarantee a better activity.

To determine your best CBD dosage, there is a need to take cognizance, body weight, and chemistry. In most cases, it is recommended that you take 2mg of CBD per body weight.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system. It does not allow our body to develop tolerance to the chemical. Developing a tolerance means our body gets used to a certain dosage and compels us to take more for a similar effect. This is the major cause of drug toxicity in man. A study published in 2011 reveals that human subjects did not develop tolerance to CBD products after a long time.

The interaction between CBD and the Endocannabinoid system also allows it to maintain internal balance and modulate cognitive activities without becoming addicting. You can use CBD at any time of the day and as many times as possible without the fear of developing an addiction. You can choose to stop your CBD dosage without the product triggering any withdrawal effects on the brain.


Although the FDA is yet to release an official statement on the daily recommended dosage for CBD, information from research shows that CBD is safe for use regardless of the dosage and health status of the user. However, it is important not to use CBD with drugs like clobazam, theophylline, aspirin, and alcohol since it can reduce their absorption rate, leading to a drug overdose.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to dose your CBD products. We will love to hear from you soon.